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What’ the ROI?

The question plagues us all.

Justify your spending. That’s what they’re really saying. But how do you justify spending on print?

With the Signet Ad Study®.

Twice a year, Group Tour magazine plays host to Ad Study®, a print ad effectiveness study performed by independent research firm, Signet Research.

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Want to Participate?

Participation in the Ad Study will give you the tools you need to justify your ad spend in the travel trade market, by telling you what percentage of tour planners…

  • saw your ad.
  • read your ad.
  • took action or are planning to take action based on your ad.

You’ll also receive “verbatim comments” directly from our audience of tour planners.

Want more? We’ll even ask the tour planners if they want to hear directly from you. You’ll get their name, company, address, phone number and email address. Those type of leads are hard to top.

Group Tour magazine is the only group travel publication committed to providing you this sort of in-depth data about our audience.

Get more with Group Tour.

Email your Media Consultant today to learn how you can participate in Ad Study®, or fill out the form below.


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