We pledge up to
in matching marketing grants.

Dear tour suppliers,

As a leading resource in group travel, we understand the intense stress tour suppliers are facing this year. We created the Group Tour Media Resilience Program because budget constraints shouldn't stop you from seeking the marketing options you need most.

For decades, our partners have depended on us to deliver relevant content to active tour planners. Just as our readers have believed in us, we believe in the passion you bring to your businesses. Below, you will find an opportunity to apply for our Resilience Program, which can double your marketing impact in a variety of ways. Each grant starts at $1,500 and can be matched up to $10,000*.

Our goal is to stimulate tour suppliers and spread the word of partner destinations near and far. From quarantine to “back to normal,” let’s unleash the power of print and digital media.

Group Tour Media Publisher


Program options:

  • A: Earn matching dollars up to $10,000 on a print or digital ad campaign
  • B: Double your ad size at no additional cost
  • C: Add matching editorial space for all ads purchased; buy a half page, earn a half page of editorial


  • Complete the application form below, now accepted through October 1, 2020.
  • At least one placement (print or digital options available) must be in 2020 to qualify.
  • When contracting for new/additional ad space, current advertisers can utilize program options B or C for current ads; or take advantage of any option when contracting for new ad space.

Questions? Connect with your Media Consultant.