It can hard to reach group travel planners online.
But Group Tour Media has you covered.

Enhance your print marketing or create a stand-alone digital campaign. Our consultants will tailor digital media packages to fit your needs and budget.

Sponsored emails
Unleashing the power of segmentation, Group Tour Media delivers exclusive email content and weekly campaigns. Both B2B and B2C partners are offered the chance to reach specific audiences through comprehensive itineraries, articles, interviews and newsletters.



Our branded, SEO-friendly websites are primary channels in which readers consume and engage with editorial content. With a series of niche-specific websites, we put suppliers’ messages in front of their potential customers to drive leads and conversions.



Powerful tools streamlined for growth, Group Tour Media’s retargeting campaigns are shown across millions of high-traffic websites and apps. This allows suppliers to gain more impressions and a higher likelihood of online engagement with qualified prospects.


Social Media

Group Tour Media’s social media platforms are updated daily with compelling and trending content curated toward specific audiences. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow suppliers to drive customers, grow audiences and expand reach among niche readers.

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