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  • A. Digital Edition Announcement
    • Open Rate                                        10%
    • Click-Through Rate                     8.34%
  • B. Spotlight Newsletter
    • Open Rate                                       7.75%
    • Click-Through Rate                       8.63%
  • C. Grow Your Business
    • Open Rate                                       7.2%
    • Click-Through Rate                     10.9%
  • D. Itineraries Builders
    • Open Rate                                       8.3%
    • Click-Through Rate                    10.37%
  • E. Supplier Showcase
    • Open Rate                                     9.91%
    • Click-Through Rate                     3.35%


New 2021 email sponsorship opportunities:

News & Notes
As the year evolves, attractions and exhibits open, and new group-friendly programs are developed.
As a sponsor of this monthly email, you may send our team information regarding what’s new at your destination.

Monthly Roundup
The Group Tour Media team consistently posts online-exclusive content to GroupTourMagazine.com.
In this monthly email, your leaderboard’s message will be seen among our latest website content.


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